Students life


All Start-uP MBA students can sign up for a housing plan at student apartments located within close proximity to the Technion campus in Tel Aviv. A student can rent a fully furnished studio apartment including a bed, desk, sitting area, and kitchenette with mini fridge, microwave and stovetop. The apartment lease contract covers all related costs such as air conditioning, wireless internet, city tax, electricity, water, television and weekly maid service. The lease agreement ensures that students do not have to bother with housing arrangements and can focus on their academic training. To reduce the housing cost, students may opt to reside in a shared apartment.

Health Insurance

All Start-uP MBA students must have comprehensive health insurance in order to attend the program. The insurance must be issued in Israel in order to ensure complete coverage. Participants are therefore required to purchase a medical health insurance package for the duration of the program. The cost of the medical insurance package is $2.5 per day. The insurance does not cover pre-existing illnesses or medical issues related to drug use or alcohol consumption.

Cell phone

Students may sign up for a communication plan with Israel Phones, the largest provider of personal communication devices in Israel for visitors and tourists. Low cost phones for rent are available for the duration of the program. All phone plans include unlimited incoming calls and a local foreign number so family and friends can call at no additional charge.

Travel assistance

Part of the hassle of arriving to Israel is dealing with Visa’s and flights. In order to ensure that arrival is smooth from the moment a student arrives at the airport, flight booking services are offered including group flights and assistance in procuring student visas for the duration of the program.


Part of the study abroad experience takes place beyond the classroom walls and outside of the campus library. In their leisure time, students are encouraged to explore the country. Excursion packages to tourist destinations are offered to interested students.