Study at the worlds hard drive

Two years ago the Technion Start-Up M.B.A program began offering graduate students around the world access to an unparalleled program that combines the expertise of leading professors from around the world and innovators within the start-up industry teaching M.B.A. courses with an affordable price for an International M.B.A and the opportunity to start your own business within a year!

I am currently midway through the program that I believe meets the expectations and needs of anyone looking to be a successful entrepreneur and innovative businessperson. The Technion Start-Up M.B.A employs a condensed schedule in order to provide dedicated students with a program that integrates all the essential business courses taught by instructors and administrators from world-renowned business schools. Technion has the historical reputation of being Israel’s MIT, providing the highest level technological education available, and now Technion is also making a name for itself within the business world. As one of the elite members of the Global Network for Advanced Management, the Technion Start-Up M.B.A is a top landing spot for tomorrow’s business leaders and capitalizes on its strategic location in the heart of the Start-Up City, Tel Aviv.

The Technion Start-Up M.B.A. has provided me with an opportunity I was unaware even existed four months ago. After high school I decided that I could not live anywhere except Israel. I completed my Bachelor’s degree in Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies at Brandeis University in three years with the intention of moving to Israel as soon as I could. This past summer after graduation, I finally boarded a plane to Israel to live my dream. Some may call what happened next luck or just being in the right place at the right time, but I like to think of it as final validation that I had made the right choice. While working for a company focused on innovating higher education in Israel called Lirom Global Education, I was introduced to the Technion Start-Up M.B.A.

I immediately applied, was accepted, and enrolled in a program that is placing me at the center of global business and the industries of innovation and entrepreneurship. The program is without a question very challenging. I am learning the intricacies of how to best manage a business and the leadership skills for operating a huge company or turning an idea into a successful start-up. I look at the dynamic-nature of the program’s structure and the schedule of the courses as a part of the preparation needed for entering the business world. In all honesty, the program is sometimes hectic and very difficult, but this has caused me to become a stronger individual and prepared me to be a valuable asset to those with whom I will eventually be working. Not everyone is given this opportunity in the serendipitous way it came to me, but anyone with the right gumption and drive to take on the world can begin a promising journey as I have at this elite, affordable, hands-on, and cutting-edge program. I am so proud and fortunate to be part of this incredible program, and I am eager to see what is in store for our class of future Technion Start-Up M.B.A. alumni.

Written by: 

Shmuel G, current student in the Start uP MBA