The Azrieli MBA Start-Up Program - Technion Press Release

Call to Students: 'Practice Entrepreneurship in the Start-Up Nation' - The Azrieli MBA Start-Up Program Will Focus on Practical Application of Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Technology Management

The Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, one of the world's top institutions of its kind, announced the October 2013 launch of the international 'Start-uP MBA' program (). The leading Israeli institution will offer a prestigious MBA degree which embodies Israeli entrepreneurship and innovation in the 'start-up nation.'

Exemplifying the highest academic standards fused with real-world applications, the Azrieli MBA Start-Up Program incorporates in-demand internships in start-up companies and exposes students to multinational high-tech corporations operating in and around Tel Aviv, Israel's business hub. The program will be taught in English by distinguished, world-class Technion professors, internationally-renowned guest lecturers and entrepreneurs with proven track records in one of the world's most thriving innovation centers.

As the only Israeli member in Yale University's Global Network for Advanced Management, the MBA program will leverage international collaborations with leading business schools around the world. The program will also benefit from a joint venture between the Technion and Cornell University.

The Azrieli MBA Start-Up Program's exclusive model was developed by the Technion following intensive market research and consultations with CEOs, entrepreneurs and MBA students, who indicated the need for managerial training that offers a relevant and resilient toolkit for entrepreneurs and managers engaged in technology management and innovation. The Azrieli MBA Start-Up Program will involve students in practical projects and internships in start-up companies to augment essential training in management functions.

The program emphasizes the skills needed for entrepreneurs focused on launching start-up companies and for managers seeking to promote entrepreneurship and innovation within their organizations. The one-year international MBA program is open to candidates with two years of professional post-undergraduate experience and will be taught at a new Technion campus in Tel Aviv.
"The entrepreneurial and innovative spirit is embedded in the DNA of Israeli culture, and combined with the scientific and technological strengths of the Technion, the Azrieli MBA Start-Up Program will offer significant added value to graduates," said Professor Miriam Erez, Vice Dean of MBA programs at the Technion.
"As the original start-up nation, Israel has nurtured numerous successful companies over the past decades," added Professor Dovev Lavie. "Many of these businesses are led by Technion graduates. We offer unparalleled insight and provide students from around the globe with first-hand experience in entrepreneurship and innovation."

The Azrieli MBA Start-Up Program integrates the Israeli experience in business and technology management, offering knowledge and skills that are essential for global competition in the 21st century. Israel boasts more high-tech start-ups and venture capital activity per capita than any other nation in the world. In absolute numbers, Israel has produced more start-up companies than larger industrialized countries such as Japan, China, India, the United Kingdom and Canada. Israel has more companies listed on NASDAQ than those from all of Europe, Japan, China, India, South Korea and Singapore combined.