The Azrieli Start-uP MBA program

The Azrieli  StartuP MBA program is a unique program that offers a professional graduate degree in business administration with focus on entrepreneurship, innovation, and technology management. The program is highly practical and encourages students to use their learned toolkit to initiate their own startup companies. This is an intensive one-year full time program that brings some of the best lecturers in the world while providing students with the opportunity to interact and learn from entrepreneurs and professionals in the Startup Nation.

The Azrieli  StartuP MBA curriculum delivers foundation courses that develop expertise in the functional domains of management, core courses that offer integrative frameworks and specialization in entrepreneurship, innovation, and technology management, as well as advanced courses that extend this specialization and emphasize practical applications. As part of the program students participate in corporate visits to leading corporations, startup companies and technological incubators in Israel. These visits are combined with guided tours in Israel, the land of the bible. Industry seminars provide a platform for interacting with Israeli executives and entrepreneurs who discuss managerial dilemmas with students. The program’s consulting courses offer to groups of students the opportunity to promote projects from patent or idea to commercialization as well as develop business plans for startup companies. Each student engages in an internship at a startup company to gain hands-on experience and develop contacts that contribute to his or her career upon graduation.

The Technion's StartuP MBA program is now seeking prospective students from all over the world who are interested in getting their MBA degree while practicing entrepreneurship in the Start-Up Nation. These students will benefit from the Technion’s unique expertise in entrepreneurship, innovation, and technology management. Scholarships are available to the most qualified students.